About KRI

There’s a better way to create wealth.

At KRI we believe that to maximize your success on any real estate investment, it is critical that you develop complete mastery of all phases of the real estate cycle. We do this through our KRI360° Investing System®.


MARKET ANALYSIS & BUSINESS PLAN DEVELOPMENT – This phase is extremely important because it is in this early phase that you define your market criteria and business plan. Once you do that, discipline is critical, so you follow the data and the plan.  Over the last 25+ years, we have operated in numerous markets and executed on all types of business plans.  This wide historical experience has allowed us to shape our criteria and maximize the potential for success.


DEAL PIPELINE & ACQUISITION – This phase includes everything that must be done before you acquire the asset. It starts with deal sourcing and ends with the successful acquisition of a project.  For most firms and investors, this is where things start to get tough.  Because we have gone “full cycle” with so many deals, we know what it takes to successfully source and close a deal.


ASSET & PROPERTY MANAGEMENT – This phase is all about successfully implementing the business plan. We are a vertically integrated firm, so we manage everything we acquire.  We know details matter and that’s why we don’t outsource our business plan execution to third parties.  As a result, we are able to quickly respond to market changes and make decisions that help put us in a position to maximize our success.


EXIT & INVESTOR SUCCESS – It’s easy to acquire an asset.  What is really important is that you know how to manage investor capital and exit the investment with maximum returns to investors.  With so many full cycle deals under our belt, and our 26+ year track record, we have shown that we can deliver.  This success explains why investors and investment firms come to KRI to learn the business.

Our Mision

We help people create significant wealth through best-in-class real estate investment and education.

KRI's Core Values


Everything that we do is bigger than we are. We don’t show up to work every day just for ourselves. We show up to accomplish the things that will make our team more impactful, our clients financially stronger, and to chase our potential so that we can achieve our personal, professional, and financial goals. Having an inspirational mindset helps make that possible.


We do the things we say we’re going to do, without exception. This dedication to discipline starts at the individual level. But we don’t just think or talk about discipline; we pursue it through our actions. We train every single day to continue learning and growing to reach and then further stretch our potential. That’s how we make ourselves better. That’s how we make our clients better. That’s how we make our investors better.


Accountability is central to success. We hold ourselves highly accountable to our commitments and our goals. Achieving results and true growth doesn’t happen by accident. We believe that extreme accountability yields extraordinary results.


We’re an organization that has big goals. To reach those goals, we need everyone to understand how it all fits together and how their contribution to the organization is critical to reaching all our goals.


We only hire growth-oriented people. We can’t grow if our team members aren’t serious about their own personal, professional, and financial growth. When we’re all in alignment about goals, opportunities, and areas of improvement, we can all win. Our teams, our clients, our entire organization is poised to win when we approach our business with an aligned mindset.

Results Oriented

At the end of the day, we’re a business. Our clients and investors hire us to help them reach their financial goals. Everything we do, every product we create, every service we deliver, is designed to do one thing: deliver results. Being results-oriented as a Core Value focuses our thinking and helps us make good decisions.

The KRI Team

A company is only as good as the people who make up that company. We are proud to say that because we have an incredibly innovative and devoted team, we are able to achieve results that many firms can only dream about. We are proud to introduce you to our team.


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Asset Manager


Financial Analyst


Client Success Manager


Marketing Manager

“Everyone knows you can make a ton of money in multifamily real estate. What you need to figure out is how multifamily real estate fits into your life. Whether you choose to be a passive investor in one of our investment vehicles or choose to get into the business and acquire your own assets, we can help you achieve your financial goals.”
Ken Gee
Managing Member, KRI
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