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Have Ken Gee speak to your team or on your podcast.

Interested In Having Ken Speak to Your Team or as a Guest on Your Podcast or Webinar?

Ken has been a guest on more than 75 podcasts, conducted hundreds of webinars, and has been featured at several Money Show events.  His background is as deep as it is wide, including:

  • CPA
  • Commercial lender
  • Real estate broker
  • Real estate investor
  • Syndicator
  • Private equity fund manager
  • Business owner
  • Property manager
  • Owner of three FAA Part 141 Cessna Pilot Centers


He stands ready to bring his expertise and experiences to the discussion to help you achieve your objectives and hopefully add value to the lives of your team or your listeners.

If you are interested in talking with Ken about how he might be able to help you, your team, or your listeners, please reach out and let’s see how we can help one another!

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