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Multifamily Acquisition Criteria For KRI Partners

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Multifamily Acquisition Criteria

KRI Partners invests in multifamily assets in the southern United States. Following our multifamily acquisition criteria, the management team will consider both value-add projects and projects offering stable, predictable cash flows.

Value-Add Investment Projects

Value-add investment projects of this type are generally located in B or B+ submarkets and are such that our experienced management team can add significant value by repositioning the asset through investments in physical improvements and/or value add management improvements. Our holding period is generally much shorter and is sold or refinanced once we have stabilized the project. Overall returns are generally higher consistent with the level of risk.

Core Investment or Cash Flow Projects

Core investment or cash flow projects of this type are generally located in A or B submarkets and are usually stabilized projects that provide predictable cash flows and a reasonable cash-on-cash rate of return to our investors. This type of project is usually held longer term and improved through operational efficiencies and implementation of our "best practices." Overall returns are generally lower consistent with the level of risk.

Summary of Typical Investment Projects

Value add projects Core Investment Projects
Asset Size 75-200 Units 75-200 Units
Anticipated Hold Period/Capityal Event Usually < 5 Years Usually 5+ Years
Preferred Return Approx. 6% - 7% Paid Quarterly Approx. 6% - 7% Paid Quarterly
Overall Target Return (ROI) Typically 15%+ Annualized Typically 10% - 12% Annualized
Risk Tolerance Less Conservative More Conservative
Types of Investors Allowed Typically Accredited Only Typically Accredited Only

"The above describes a typical deal profile for transactions historically pursued by the firm and does not necessarily represent a deal profile or target return objective of the firm going forward. For relevant current project details, you must review the relevant Private Placement Memorandum that can only be accessed with permission from a representative of the firm."